The Benefits of True Colors for Your Business: 

Improve interaction with employees, clients and customers
Encourage employee productivity
Improve employee engagement
Improve moraleLower employee turnover
Uncover and unleash leadership potential
Increase communication, effectiveness and performance
Resolve conflicts
Enhance self-esteem
Create a positive workplace environment

True Colors is Fun, Engaging, Interesting and Energizing

If you are looking for a workshop that will quickly and easily decipher the personality traits of your staff, improve communication and reduce conflict so your team can work better, then                      

            True Colors      is      for      you.
For over 30 years the value of True Colors in helping people to work together has been proven again and again in hundreds of corporations, including Farmers, Microsoft, ESPN, John Deere, Kraft, Boeing, Kawasaki Motors, Blue Cross and thousands of schools, hospitals and government agencies. The proof is truly in the experience.

The Benefits of True Colors as a Business Leader: 
Hire, manage and task people appropriatelyDiminish conflict
Set realistic expectations
Facilitate cooperation for improved performance
Relate to each employee for growth
Heighten engagement with others for quality & productivity
Establish productive partnerships, teams & alliances
Build respect and trust – a strong business foundation

Utilizing the colors of orange, green, blue and gold to differentiate four basic personality types, True Colors becomes an uncomplicated language for every individual to convey complex ideas very simply.

The True Colors Personal Success Workshop is a great introduction to the True Colors methodology and the perfect professional development opportunity. This is a half-day workshop is approximately 3 hours.

Major corporations across the country bring in Certified True Colors facilitators for corporate meetings, small meetings, team meetings, and much more. It cannot be stressed enough that at the end of the workshop, participants leave understanding themselves and others more.

True Colors’ lively and interactive programs have become the easiest and most convenient way of discovering one’s strengths, and understanding human behavior. 

True Colors is used in schools, businesses, corporations, government and nonprofit organizations, and in people’s personal, family and social interactions.