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When it comes to our client’s personal and/or organizational success, our commitment is exceptional and we will earn your trust. Our unique approach facilitates the progress you are looking for and there is never a cost for an initial consultation. We want you to become familiar with us, what we do and our passion for doing it. Your success is our success. We want to work with you and put you on your best path forward!

Overview of our Methodology and Service Offerings 

Welcome to the Shift To Grow Company website! This is an easy way for you to get an overview of our services and the possibilities of working together to accomplish great things. Our commitment and mission is to provide strategic leadership, proven fund development strategies, staff development and people-centric solutions to put you on your best path forward. The Shift To Grow Company, LLC works with you to create motivational, instructional and customized strategies that produce results and bring your team to the next level of performance. We will identify and then facilitate the shift your organization needs to grow stronger and more productive.

Mission Statement

To get you on your best path forward.

All organizations, businesses and teams struggle at times. Sometimes it starts with the strategy that needs implementation, the strategy can be good but there's no execution.  Or the leadership is fully prepared to execute the plan, they have provided instruction to the key stakeholders, but then discover the people who are tasked to carry it out are not motivated for the work.

 Shift To Grow Company ties these concepts together to deliver you a product in the least amount of time with the greatest amount of impact. We look to see which one of these models we need to implement first for success. It could be motivation, it could be instruction, or it could be strategy. We have a unique process of tying these three distinct elements together to get you on your best path forward.                             

What We Do

We provide innovative ways to solve problems and to create higher levels of staff, leadership, boards and community engagement.

Through our motivational, instructional and strategic approaches, we keep your team inspired and motivated despite the stresses of change, complex projects, restructuring or any other challenges.

Our focus is on leaving a positive impact with tangible results. We work to create a shift in the culture of an organization that is energizing, productive, fun and sustainable. Simply put, we inspire people and change behaviors. We believe that motivation accelerates, instruction elevates, and strategy integrates it all in a shift towards phenomenal growth. 

Our services are customized and structured to give you a competitive advantage and a thriving company culture. We want to put our expertise to work for you, to help you chart a path to greater impact and sustainable success.